Project Description

The Citizen Science component of the iMars project, Mars in Motion, was created through the Zooniverse's Panoptes framework to allow volunteers to look for and identify changes on the surface of Mars over time. 'Mars in Motion' has been developed to complement the results of automated data mining analysis software, both by validation through the creation of training data and by adding context - gathering more in-depth data on the type and metrics of change initially detected.

 Before and after images of a Martian slope streak
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Economy 19 Economy 19 Society 14 Society 14 Governance 16 Governance 16 Science and technology 31 Science and technology 31 Environment 3 Environment 3 max. 42
Total Score 17/42
Domain Progress
  • 100% General (13/13)
  • 100% Economy (31/31)
  • 100% Environment (30/30)
  • 100% Governance (43/43)
  • 100% Science and technology (39/39)
  • 100% Society (67/67)