Project Description

CoAct is a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. CoAct is proposing a new understanding of Citizen Social Science as participatory research co-designed and directly driven by citizen groups sharing a social concern, in which they become co-researchers in processes commonly dominated by academic researchers. CoAct aims to bring together and further develop methods to give citizen groups an equal ‘seat at the table’ through active participation in research, from the design to the interpretation of the results and their transformation into concrete actions.

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Current Project Impact

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Society 24 Society 24 Governance 23 Governance 23 Economy 7 Economy 7 Environment 17 Environment 17 Science and technology 22 Science and technology 22 max. 42
Total Score 19/42
Domain Progress
  • 92% General (12/13)
  • 0% Economy (0/31)
  • 0% Environment (0/30)
  • 0% Governance (0/43)
  • 0% Science and technology (0/39)
  • 99% Society (66/67)